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Needs Training Wheels
Needs Training Wheels
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 Post subject: N4S Motorwerx Pi Style drag bike
PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:43 pm 
Well im not usually into taking tons of pics of my builds because they are usually on the Spur of the moment thing.
This is going to be a 1/4 mile set up only, since i got the Nos bike working pretty good, and i got my old 121 from the Pink bike thats going to be incorporated into this bike. This started out when I was cleaning out my storage and found a Yamaha Razz frame and a Elite S frame. Had these for awhile. No use to me because they have no vins. I cut off the front half of the Razz because of the nice rake they have, cut off the back half of the S. On the S Frame i cut off the rear tubes and flipped them around. Left on right, fight on left. The reason for this is I didnt like the width of the frame. This is what I did at work since Saturday..
More to come!

well got a few things done today. I actually had to do some work for a change haha! Rebuild a 139qmb chinese 4stroke motor, replaced the crank and bore..
Anyways I actually got up early and went to my friend machine shop and made this adapter for the 1 1/8 ahead stem. Sorry pics are blurry for some reason..
Alos made this shock mount from the original S Mount, Also used the rear rounded tubes on the back of the S to create this small tail/ gas tank holder/handle
Tomorrow I hope to get the rear mount stretched 8 inches, drop the front, and weld on that Stem adapter and hopefully add some foot pegs if I dont get to busy!

Well this is the start of my mount i did. Half tacked up , just checking it for any ailment issues.
This is the overall length of the bike, 55in wheelbase

I was at the shop today finished up the mount. That pic was only the top side, i added to the bottom as well as welding a plate behind the stretch. I also was working on a strut mount to keep the mount from moving upwards upon acceleration. More to come..
More material lying around the shop..
From that to this..
Location of strut for now, still have to make the top, Used the round tube as a sleeve thru the 1 in pipe for strut. that way it wont collapse when tightened..
LOL blurry pic of what i should look like..

Well just got home from the shop and got my stretch strut mount made and installed. Came out pretty good, im surprised LOL! This is something I defiantly need to add to my other bikes. Just need to addd my front head tube brace and find a good location for foot pegs and the frame is pretty much done.

well today was a half day for me, had to come home and do the shops webpage. At least I got to make my shock rod and start moving over the parts from the Nos Elite bike.

Another day another buck fifty to be made lol..
Finally mounted my seat and made for folding foot pegs. Still deciding on what im going to use for a gas tank. One more bar to add then the frame will be ready for paint.

This is how she sits as of yesterday.. Got alot more things i need to do before the race this weekend!

N4S Motorwerx
You're Either In, Or In The Way!
8.44@75mph 1/8 mile http://www.youtube.com/user/n4smotorwer ... dDPXp-jxGs
14.2@77mph 1/4 mile

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