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 Post subject: Re: My new Majesty
PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 6:47 pm 
So last spring I had a new belt put on. All was well and no belt issues. This past December I was on a poker run and it started blinking at me to change the belt. WHAT?!?
I looked up in the manual and no information. Looked on YouTube and there were several videos showing me how to reset the warning light. Apparently the warning comes on at 12,000 mile mark to remind you to change the belt. The mechanic did not do this so it was up to me.
It was a very simple fix, I opened the seat and in the back of the trunk (under the seat) there are two of those plastic tabs where you have to push in the center little button. I popped those out, then I had to remove the back plastic panel just above the taillight. There was the battery, with the key in the ignition and clicked on BUT DO NOT start the bike. you have to disconnect the little plastic connection on the wire. It should be the only small box like connection back there. You need to disconnect it for 5-10 seconds and then reconnect it. The warning should go off now.
I did it and works great.
There is also a warning indicator for an oil change, but the manual has all the instructions for that. Just follow those and your good as gold. Apparently, my mechanic is not aware of this function but now I can do it myself.

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