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 Post subject: Ruckus Gy6 charging issues with 11p and dan max harness
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:45 am 
Hey , first post here. My name is Ryan, I have a background in electric motor repair, automotive and general small engine repair.

I have a swapped gy6 that has been giving me grief electrically and I have exhausted my predisposed troubleshooting protocol.

I guess first I'll bore you with the technicalities:

Dan max harness:
set up for DC headlights
one 35watt bulb plugged in
11 pole stator ( installed 2 days ago to replace an existing 11p stator.)
LED turtle head rear light
incandescent turn signal lights up front

since day 1, been having trouble keeping the battery charged. I found out I had a electrical problem shortly after I determined I had an over fueling issue.( Mukuni pulse pump being driven off of the manifold vacuum instead of the crankcase pulse) which would lead to my engine stalling and needing to re prime the fuel pump, which would kill my battery from cranking it and leave me stranded.

Anyway- after getting jumped and back home I decided to check the charging system out, in which I found :
all 3 yellow stator wires have .08 ohm between them
open circuit to ground from yellows
about 12v when running, drops to 11.8 at stop lights
13.8 or so volts from the red/black off the voltage regulator when unplugged from the harness

with both headlights unplugged I'll hit 12.2 or so but still way low

SO- that leads me to think 2 things. Bad rectifier , somehow that may be failing to efficiently convert ac to DC. OR there is a drain somewhere, that exists only with key on.

What would you check first? is there any way to easily test a rectifier without a scope?

Give me a checklist of readings to take and I will report back!

here is what the bike looks like if anyone cares like that



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Years on TRYears on TR

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 Post subject: Re: Ruckus Gy6 charging issues with 11p and dan max harness
PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:00 am 
Sounds like you know what you are doing so this may be redundant. I would double check that all the components are DC, ensure the grounds to engine/frame/battery are all good and I would double check the stock kill switch and make sure it is disconnected (if running DC with CDI). I've ran into problems with the stock kill switch causing issues on charging and spark, once GY6 swaps have been installed.

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