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Needs Training Wheels
Needs Training Wheels

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 Post subject: No Brake Lights or Blinkers| Headlights and Vapor Work.
PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:14 pm 
So I can kickstart my Ruck, headlights work, Vapor tach works (when I hit the turn signals, my dash board blinks, but actual blinkers do not) horn works but no brake lights or turn sigs. I also have LEDs everything; turtlehead tails, turn signals, and red LED strips for added brake lights, white for plate light and added style and visual aid for night riding, amber LED under glow lights for turn signals.

All the fuses are good, all the grounds are good. I had an issue recently with the green spade connector on the coil coming loose, but all though have been redone and are good.
Now my rear brake control switch has recently fallen off, new one in the mail now, so I cut those wires and tried shorting them, no results. also the right brake control is fine, but when i pull the lever the brake doesn't light up.
Ideas? I have a Volkswagen meet tomorrow night and I need to go talk some shit when I show up.

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