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 Post subject: Turn Signal Reflectors Installed
PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 8:28 pm 
Found these amber and red reflectors that have built in led lights
they have 3 wires
one is a dim light, one is a bright light

They were the exact size my zuma 125 uses and could just bolt on

Of course I had to make it my own for my zuma as our front reflectors are on a body molded housing to keep them even with the road if that makes sense

And I wanted that look with these too
So mine were a little more involved then just taking off the old one and bolting up the new
But you can do that I chose not to

got them here
fast shipper came in a week


In the end I did not use the red reflectors I ordered, since my rear signals are amber I think the red may look a little out of place if they flashed with the turn signals
and decided not to use the running light option on the front just the signal part

if you do want to install the front like I did mine
you will need to destroy the stock reflector
I used a tiny screwdriver and stabbed it until it broke, and picked out the plastic


Not shown I scored tons of lines in the plastic to help some 5 min epoxy have a place to grip to plastic surfaces
I also cut off the threaded stud on the new reflector because the zuma mount has its own stud
Glued both pieces together then used super glue all around the outside edge as a back up glue
and to hold everything together while the expoy dried


Looks almost like factory but for the small glue you cant really see unless your up close
And the reflector does work too, not as bright as stock but good enough to keep everything legal


The Widowmaker

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