New Zuma, new sound
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Author:  red_white_black [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:31 am ]
Post subject:  New Zuma, new sound

Hey all,

Apologies if this is the dumbest question you've seen all day.

I just bought my first Zuma, and having come from a Ruckus I'm hearing an engine sound I'm not used to. I'm not sure if it's an expected sound or something bad. With the throttle going I hear what I would consider the normal sound of the engine revving up but also what I would best describe as a faint rapid clicking sound. When I let go of the throttle the sound goes away as the engine quiets down. This is, oddly enough, a "brand new" 2012 model. It had .8 miles when I picked it up from the dealer. My first fear is that it was built back in 2012 and not really inspected/cared for until I just bought it and something was wrong.

Before I take it back to the dealer I thought I'd snoop around the forums first and ask around. Hoping that is just the way a Zuma 125 is supposed to sound.

Author:  Mike155cc [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Zuma, new sound

you will hear a whirring sound from the variator, as you have a large opening on the cvt cover to allow air to get inside
so more noised can come out that vent, compared to a ruckus thats sealed up

I would first check the valves, and reset the timing chain tensioner since those are known to make clicking noised when driving
and its a maintenance thing anyways that will need to be done at 600 miles and every 2000 at least checking the valves

clicking sound to me could be when something is spinning

tires, belt, fan, variator, speedo gear etc...
I have a video of my belt slapping when letting off throttle coming to a stop, but it was a aftermarket variator that caused me to start to hear that noise so placing a camera on the cvt showed me where it was coming from
since your still stock? you have more body panels that could be making a noise, cables are run under the floor that could be making noises too

ive had my license plate start to vibrate a touch, threw a rag under it went for a quick ride and it stopped
drove me crazy trying to figure out what it was

can you post a video?
or do you know anyone else with a zuma to compare sounds

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