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Junior Mint
Junior Mint

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 Post subject: NoiseHush N850 bluetooth setup
PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:11 pm 
Hey guys, I've been looking for a way to use bluetooth for calls and music while I'm on the clone. This is what I bought:
http://www.amazon.com/NoiseHush-N850-12 ... B00BCQ7G80

It uses double sided tape on both the ear piece and the unit itself. To install it correctly, put your helmet on, and figure out where your ear is. Take
your helmet back off and affix the ear piece, and slip the helmet back on. What I ended up doing was pairing my phone and had music playing, that way I could get an idea of where the ear piece needed to be.

Once you get it on, it's a little uncomfortable since it tugs on your ear a little when you put the helmet on.

My biggest complaint with the unit, is I can't figure out how to answer the damn phone lol (galaxy S4). The unit is nice and loud, and even upwards of speeds of fifty, people say they can still hear me loud and clear.

I however, use my phone as my speedo/gps, so not being answer with the unit isn't a big deal killer, but sometimes I'm too lazy to set it all up so it can be a hassle.

I absolutely love it, you definitely can't beat it for the price.


Junior Mint
Junior Mint
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 Post subject: Re: NoiseHush N850 bluetooth setup
PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:36 am 
Thanks for posting this. For the price it's worth taking a shot on this. On amazon there are both extremes of reviews but for the price I think worth the chance. I've been looking for something like this.

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