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Litter Vigilante
Litter Vigilante
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 Post subject: HJC Sys-Max II helmet.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:20 am 
I've worn the helmet for about 6 months now and do like it.
A modular design that has an internal sunsheild which in the
review stated it wasn't able to be "partially" deployed. Mine
does so their test helmet must have had a problem.

Most of the parts for the helmet are replaceable. This is a better
situation over my Shuberth S1 helmet which is a PIA for finding
replacement sheilds etc.

A link to a review of the HJC Sys-Max II helmet:
http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcyc ... sy-max-II/

I like the helmet for it's fit and the sunshield (although I agree
with the review saying the way it is deployed is a bit cumbersome).
Once you get used to it that will fade from the "problem" list.

Do wish it had a quick connect for the strap though. The double
d-rings can be tough on cold days.

I attached a bluetooth headset from Motorola and it works fine
inside the quiet helmet. Over all I like the Sy-Max II and would
recommend it. Be sure to try one on before purchasing.

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Junior Mint
Junior Mint
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 Post subject: Re: HJC Sys-Max II helmet.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:49 am 
I too have this helmet for at least 6 months ( don't remember exactly when I bought it ) and really love it. I came from a Scorpion 3/4. I enjoyed that helmet for what it was as well. it was made well and fit my dome. But my friend was riding to work one day on his met and woke up in the hospital with a few broken bones and other problems. It was that day that I ordered a riding jacket, gloves and started looking for a full face helmet. The thing was I had seen a few riders using these weird helmets that flipped up. Now I'm not really claustrophobic but these looked great. At lights you can flip up and talk or actually hear what your friend is saying. And if you wear glasses then this makes it way easier to ride and see. I was able to use a brick and mortar store and try on different sizes and order it from a website. Turns out they are just a few min away so I could pick it up but still had to pay sales tax. I don't totally condone doing this as brick and mortar stores are closing up shop and can't compete with the internet. That being said I do try to buy local as much as possible. Any how back to the helmet. It is comfy and snug although needs a wash after all this time. the flip up system works great and you can still feel it clamp into place solidly. the clear visor is still holding up well but I would like to buy a colored one at some point. I agree with kat that a quick clip neck strap would be nice but it isnt a deal breaker. The noise level, coming from a 3/4 helmet is way better but it can still be noisy. I also have a burgman 650 that I commute to work on the freeway with and I am not sure any helmet will be "quiet" but this one is pretty good. Ear buds and an iPod will take care of any errant noise but at what safety?

So would I recommend this helmet? Hell yes. This is a well built helmet that has served me well and the features are well worth the money. I like my face and don't want to risk it for anything but with the flip up chin bar I still have the freedom to talk or "breathe" at lights. I hope this helps anyone on the fence about this helmet.

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Needs Training Wheels
Needs Training Wheels
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 Post subject: Re: HJC Sys-Max II helmet.
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:27 am 
I don't have this exact helmet, but I do have an HJC helmet and so far I highly recommend it. Well-made, comfortable, and not as expensive as comparable models.

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